Art of the Wild

Art of the Wild

The Photography of Steve Deeley

Boared to death

I went to the Forest of Dean recently. Mainly, I was looking for adders again, and pleased to find a few in a second spot. Then I went looking for boar. Now I understand that people have mixed feeling about boar, which are large, powerful animals. The impact they have on the Forest is evident ... Read more

Vanishing quickly from a place near you

I get it. I really do. Adders are not everyone’s cup of tea. My own wife is a little leery of snakes, and I don’t blame her. They don’t walk. They slither, in a silent, unnerving way. Snakes could do with  a good PR agency. They certainly get bad press. Think of Kaa in the ... Read more

The Owl and the pussycat

I have a very cute cat. In fact, I have two. They are adorable, cuddly grey tabbies. They are extremely placid – you pick them up, turn them upside-down and tickle their tummies. And one of them is raving psychopath. Despite being extremely well fed, Bramble goes out into the neighbourhood and delivers a steady ... Read more

A lesson in humility

weasel with vole

This morning, I actually went” Oh, it’s just an otter”. I’d photographed a female riverine otter, in the wild, but it was foggy out and the photo wasn’t much good. But then I realised what I’d said. Ten years ago, I would have sawn both my arms off to even see an otter. Now it ... Read more

A Blue Day

There are around 60 butterfly species in the UK, and seeing them all is a project in itself. I’ve met two people who have done it all – one couple still happily married having finally achieved it together, and one man now divorced having spent 3 years and £3,000 doing it. So I decided to ... Read more

When will I learn?

This morning I got up at 05:45 am to look for the mother otter and her kitts. I’d seen them recently, and as the forecast looked promising I was hopeful I might get some shots in better light. Now this is the same place where, 4 years ago, I left my camera in a hide ... Read more

What the Government isn’t telling you

The Government is studiously avoiding the “D” word, despite several weeks with no rain. But my definition of drought is simpler. Purple Hairstreaks are butterflies that normally live most or all of their lives at the very tops of tall oak trees. For the last week or so I’ve seen them at ground level. While ... Read more

Sometimes, the gods smile

I’ve been photographing wildlife for a while now, and getting a dry day with no photos is not unusual. Monday was a very dry day, in very sense – baking hot and I saw next to nothing, which was doubling upsetting because I’d driven hundreds of miles and taken some leave to try and photograph ... Read more

Winners and losers

I spent today again looking for the Large Blue butterfly at a site in Gloucestershire. To my astonishment, I saw it not once or twice, but 22 times over the course of four hours. At one time I saw four in the air at the same time. It’s no scientific comparison, but last year on a ... Read more

Big Blue and the NASH meeing

The Large Blue is one Britain’s rarest butterflies. I’ve been fortunate enough to see it several times. But the Large Blue is a butterfly which, in sunny weather, always lands with its wings closed. And that’s a problem, because with its wings closed, the extremely rare Large Blue looks exactly like the very un-rare Common ... Read more

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