Art of the Wild

Art of the Wild

The Writing of Steve Deeley

Published: February 2019

A lesson in humility

weasel with vole

This morning, I actually went” Oh, it’s just an otter”. I’d photographed a female riverine otter, in the wild, but it was foggy out and the photo wasn’t much good. But then I realised what I’d said. Ten years ago, I would have sawn both my arms off to even see an otter. Now it ... Read more

A Blue Day

There are around 60 butterfly species in the UK, and seeing them all is a project in itself. I’ve met two people who have done it all – one couple still happily married having finally achieved it together, and one man now divorced having spent 3 years and £3,000 doing it. So I decided to ... Read more

When will I learn?

This morning I got up at 05:45 am to look for the mother otter and her kitts. I’d seen them recently, and as the forecast looked promising I was hopeful I might get some shots in better light. Now this is the same place where, 4 years ago, I left my camera in a hide ... Read more