Art of the Wild

Art of the Wild

The Writing of Steve Deeley

Published: March 2019

A question of trust and respect

Fresh from my close encounter with Boar, a week later I went back in search of them. This time, I was fortunate enough not just to meet two females, but also their piglets, or “humbugs”. And these animals were sufficiently trusting to allow me, after a time, to sit quietly with them. There are people ... Read more

Boared to death

I went to the Forest of Dean recently. Mainly, I was looking for adders again, and pleased to find a few in a second spot. Then I went looking for boar. Now I understand that people have mixed feeling about boar, which are large, powerful animals. The impact they have on the Forest is evident ... Read more

Vanishing quickly from a place near you

I get it. I really do. Adders are not everyone’s cup of tea. My own wife is a little leery of snakes, and I don’t blame her. They don’t walk. They slither, in a silent, unnerving way. Snakes could do with  a good PR agency. They certainly get bad press. Think of Kaa in the ... Read more

The Owl and the pussycat

I have a very cute cat. In fact, I have two. They are adorable, cuddly grey tabbies. They are extremely placid – you pick them up, turn them upside-down and tickle their tummies. And one of them is raving psychopath. Despite being extremely well fed, Bramble goes out into the neighbourhood and delivers a steady ... Read more